Chinese Economical Power

China is a great and wonderful country with its hemitoramiliar population, the most in the world. Since I have always captivated me in China culture, language, kitchens of many different regions, incredible exotic and beautiful women. In the end I managed to go to China, professionally, and in addition I had the opportunity to get a lot of knowledge. This blog will record my trip to the country of the middle and also the record of adventures that I had the opportunity to survive there.

And why China actually? I do not know myself, it is difficult to tell me there is something fascinating and captivating, and certainly I have a lot to learn there, because we should learn from the Chinese – surely the diligence, stoic peace and cooperation in the group. People are very conformist there, there is no room for their own ideas, but as I had the opportunity to convince, they are very well working together. Everything is done on time (although it does not always mean that exactly as it was supposed to be) and there is no room for quarrels or discussions on the meaninglessness of the task. The Chinese can just get to work, unlike Poles, who first have to discuss who is to be the manager of this project, and later, and so failures will fight against each other. It is not surprising that we have an economic culture so little developed, and there-the second economy of the world, and until 2020 years-will be the first. Let us therefore have a lot of humility before this ancient nation and we do not think that we know more than them.

great wall

A Fragment of the Great Wall – there is nothing more symbolic, powerful and pimping us, how much the old civilization is

All countries in the world have a currency in force, but not always in the exclusive field of their financial transactions. And so for example. In the United States uses the US dollar in Australia – the Australian dollar, in Russia – a rubble, in Switzerland – Swiss franc. The currency unit of Japan is, however, Juan. Although for the Polish economy its course and position are not very significant, it is, in fact, one of the most important currencies of the world. Chinese produce physical Bitcoin Aliexpress, as a form of nice gift for cyrptocurrency enthusiast.

The introduction of this currency dates back to the year 1872, which is the time after the Meiji Revolution (in comparison: the euro, so for Poland and all of Europe today significant was introduced in the year 2002!). He had to replace the then complicated monetary system. Then 1 Juan shared the 100 sen and 1000 Rinów, but the units were withdrawn from circulation in the year 1954. The coins began to be cast (responsible for this is the Chinese mint), as it is done in the western countries, although earlier, according to tradition, were casted. Their value was initially determined on the basis of the content of each gold coin, but the value of the bank assets of the central Bank of China was changed in 1931. Its headquarters are located in Beijing. Nowadays, shopping in China will grow very heavily. Especially considering how to trade on Chinese stock market.

About the yuan in Poland too much does not say, but, of course, you can no problem in Polish exchange offices to buy or sell. However, the most common advantage is that people who travel to Japan for a trip or ride to the country of cherry blossoms regularly, for example. In connection with professional duties. It seems, however, that anyone who is interested in trading in currencies, the world economy, business, economics and everything about this thematic area should not be limited to knowing the odds of the euro or the dollar, but always be aware of the Position also takes Juan. It is a strong currency as well as the whole Chinese economy, but always, wanting to know how the global value of currency data is shaping, it is worth keeping your hand on the pulse and not ignorable.