Top 5 vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse

So, the zombie apocalypse is just around the corner, and you’re frantically prepping. One of the things you should probably give some serious consideration is your choice of wheels. Reason 1 being the apocalypse would require you constantly being on the move in order to evade the undead bastards and what better way to do it than in your sturdy, reliable badass of a zombie survival vehicle? Here are the top 5 car ornaments that we’ve picked out to make your job a tad bit easier.

Hyundai Zombie Survival Car

If it was good enough for the crew of Walking Dead, it’s good enough for you. The people at Hyundai have equipped this Elantra coupe with all possible zombie-killing security features including a zombie plow with giant spikes, spiked all-terrain tyres and fully armoured windows.

Knight XV Fully Armoured SUV

Who says you can’t be safe and luxurious at the same time. If you’re looking to survive the apocalypse in style, this is the car for you. Its 6.8-litre V10 engine with its night vision feature and bulletproof armour makes it one badass SUV. Best Aliexpress car decoration we’ve ever seen!

Gibbs Quadski Amphibious 4 Wheel Drive Quad

Capable of going at 45 miles per hour on any terrain which is quite enough to keep you out of their undead zombie hands, this car has an additional feature. In a mere five second, the wheels can tuck its tires and ride the water like a pro. Assuming zombies can’t swim, this is an almost surefire way to flee.

Pal V One Personal Air and Land Vehicle

If that isn’t quite enough to comfort you, zombies sure as hell can’t fly. Acting like a sports car on the ground with its ability to go from 0-60 in just 8 seconds, when the need arrives, this car can transform itself into a copter in mere minutes, capable of flying at 4,000 feet above ground level. Just try to make sure you don’t crash, I can’t help you there. After all, Aliexpress is here to help you.

Paramount Group Marauder

The makers of the Marauder knew exactly what they were doing; it’s almost like they anticipated the apocalypse and built something designed just to survive it. The Marauder is essentially the cockroach of the automobile world, and I assure you it’s a compliment. With its long range fuel tank, its capability of surviving TNT explosions, anti-blast seats and ability to swim, this is the go-to vehicle if you’re looking to cheat the end-of-the-world.