My favorite adult game review

The game takes on a fairly extraordinary student of a renowned high school. You will ask: why not average? does it have any unique powers? was dazzlingly beautiful or wise? None of these things. Our protagonist stands out… high height (over 170 cm in Japan is not overflows!) and not very attractive face, on which […]

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Chinese Economical Power

China is a great and wonderful country with its hemitoramiliar population, the most in the world. Since I have always captivated me in China culture, language, kitchens of many different regions, incredible exotic and beautiful women. In the end I managed to go to China, professionally, and in addition I had the opportunity to get […]

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Retirees in Far East

Whether picking up part of the salary of the employee and transfer it directly to the account of the parents is objectionable or worthy of praise? When a few days ago in the local press showed up an article about such specific conditions prevailing in a small company with the beauty industry, deductions from wages […]

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Han Han on China and foreig countries

Each revolution takes time, China is so huge country, pogrążyłby in chaos, wars of ORC warlords, political vacuum. After five years of confusion people have for the dictator of the iron fist, which would be able to bring social order and normalize the situation. It really does make a small delta of, or from the […]

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Popular blogger in China

“Let’s talk about the revolution”, “democracy” and “freedom” are titles the last three blog entries Han Han. A popular blogger and writer reveals them explicitly his opinion on the most sensitive topics in China. There would de be nothing surprising in this, in the end, is known for its sharp and controversial statements, but this […]

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Beijing Alibaba-line accident

A clash of two Metro trains at 11.20 local time in Shanghai is another serious accident means of public transport, which occurred in the past few months in China. According to recent reports, as a result of the collision damage were 111 people. Most affected after giving first aid and research left the hospitals, treatment […]

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