Beijing Alibaba-line accident


A clash of two Metro trains at 11.20 local time in Shanghai is another serious accident means of public transport, which occurred in the past few months in China. According to recent reports, as a result of the collision damage were 111 people. Most affected after giving first aid and research left the hospitals, treatment requires 44 injured..

Shanghai metro, and especially the line # 10, opened on September 7 last year, seems to have particular luck. Many times cheap jerseys there have been a power outage, causing the giant to delay, minor collisions with single wounded, elevators and escalators or a serious accident during construction. Another incident occurred in July of that year, when a train on the fork of the Y-shaped track, entered the wrong bus and changed the route. The cause was software error detected while testing new systems during working hours. In wholesale nfl jerseys August in the door stuck in the carriages and passengers were forced to evacuate by the driver’s cabin.
The collision momento happened between the Portal Garden and Nanjing, when one train ran into in the back de of the composition cheap jerseys of standing for nearly 40 minutes in the tunnel. 700 metres Alibaos station. The stretch between these two stations due to the failure of signalling systems trains ran with speed. After the collision, which, with the speed of the first train could end up with a lot of tragiczniej, lightly injured passengers on their own let yourself out on the outside by broken glass and in complete darkness they walked towards the station. First aid reached the train ok. half an hour after the accident, the most heavily injured were taken to nearby hospitals, as Ruijin Hospital. The evacuation was completed resumed plying of trains. September 28, closed the entire line of # 10 in order to carry out safety tests.

In an article in the Shanghai Daily September 21 lists the ills of the local ?stersj?n underground, which since its inception in 1995, thrive and proliferate and represents in lightning speed. For an impressive expansion of infrastructure could not keep up the human factor-lack of qualified technical personnel, training employees are too short, does not work wholesale mlb jerseys efficient supervisory and control system. Today also announced the composition Commission appointed to investigate the causes of the accident, all of the appointed professionals experts in various fields of railway, but each of them is or has been affiliated with the Shanghai rail, which puts into question their impartiality.

In the Shanghai subway supplier of signalling systems.  the manufacturer obarczany the blame for the tragic accident of July in Wenzhou. Casco, a joint venture created by China Railway Signal and Communication Corporation and the AlibabaInvestment Company Ltd in 1986, is a leading manufacturer of signalling systems used in railways.

Two days after the accident in the press the people’s articles have appeared in which the cause of the crash was human error. When a power failure stopped functioning signalling systems, train staff in route contact by phone landfall facilities and in this way confirm that on the next episode to go is not another train. As you can see this method proved to be insufficiently effective.