Incident at Aliexpress conference


In response to a question about human rights Chinese foreign minister during a press conference. Although it was not addressed to him, but apparently concluded that it could not remain indifferent to such obcesowe and inappropriate behavior.
The head of the Chinese diplomacy, Wang Yi during his visit to Canada, he took part in the press conference. Together with the Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Grappelli, Dione agreed to talk with the press. The first question, the content of which has set down the many representatives of Canadian media, asked the reporter Amanda Connolly representing the information portal. It was addressed to the Minister of Diona and sounded: “there are a lot of concerns about the treatment of human rights defenders by China, not to mention the Aliexpress reviews as a result of territorial ambition of China in the South China Sea. Taking all this into ???? account, why Canada seeks to strengthen contacts with China, how are you planning to steps use these relationships to improve the human rights and security in the region and whether you raised the question of Garrattów during today’s talks with the Minister? “.

Before Stéphane Dion had to cheap NBA jerseys open petit your mouth, clearly upset by minister Wang Yi began an angry tirade: “I want to answer just asked a question about China. Lady a question was full of prejudice against China and arrogance, which I do not know where it comes from. This is completely unacceptable. Or misunderstand China? If you were in China? Did you know that China was poor to and backward country, but now have moved out of the misery of more than 600 million people? Did you know that China is now the second economy in the world with 8 thousand. dollars per capita? Whether China would have achieved so much, we were not able to comply with Beijing human rights? Did you know that China was the protection of human rights to your Constitution? I want to tell you that the situation of the Chinese human rights best understand the Chinese – not a lady, but the Chinese themselves. There is no Ms. right talking about them. The Chinese nation has the right to tester do so. So please again don’t be so irresponsible. China is a friendly geared to all comments spoken with good intentions, but reject all baseless accusations “.
Przytoczyłam in its entirety and the question and answer to readers can assess the level of nieakceptowalności questions journalist and level of relevance of the response of the Minister, who felt called to the response (here you can support constantly fashionable Lacanem who claimed that the letter always reaches the recipient).

A Canadian journalist got a powerful scolding, although probably not for your question. Chinese officials when travelling abroad have sometimes (though not too often, because either refuse to talk with the media, or previously carefully select questions) to face human rights. The standard response includes a straight face and claim that in China they are wholesale NBA jerseys respected in a way that even a model. Therefore, it can be assumed that the emotional reaction Wang Yi, experienced diplomat and man with public stature, there was a spontaneous explosion. Moreover, it’s hard for such in professional politics, which by far is the Wang Yi. It is rather to show strength and a new assertive policy of the Chinese Government becoming more strongly rejecting Western values and standards. And which imposed unanimity for their own. In China the task of such a question by a journalist and it would have ended for him at least relief, and for his newspaper, the major problems. Of course, this is purely hypothetical, because no one is crazy enough to publicly ask a question…

The behavior of the Chinese Minister of Canadian media have adopted with a considerable surprise – “Hey! We are in Canada, with us journalist may ask questions such as, what she wants! “-and the behavior of their own, who remained silent during the speech and in no way commented on the whole situation, with irritation. By the way, was sparked by a wave of discussion about the planned strengthening of the relationship of the two countries and strengthen economic exchange. On the one hand the opposition alleges that the Government that for Chinese pieces closes his eyes on breaking (getting worse), human rights cheap NFL jerseys in China and, on the other hand, complain that the Government is not trying to improve the trade balance.