Visiting Far East? See what to buy as a gift

Tibetan gold is very rare type of precious material, used in making many decorations, jewelry and ornamental cups in tibetan buddhism. Actually it’s not pure gold, but looks very similar. It looks like gold, but it is actually a alloy consisting of bronze, copper and silver. This makes it very beautiful looking, but it’s important to know that it isn’t actually gold. It’s very important to remember this, especially when you are going to trek in Nepal, India or China and want to buy some gifts for you or your friends on Aliexpress. Even if the peddlers will tell, that it’s gold, it isn’t actually such.
But actually, it has some interesting properties.

Many people are allergic to gold, so jewelry made from this material isn’t as allergic, and can be safely worn. There are also regional differences in quantity of various metals in this alloy, but generally, they are similar because it’s rich in metals which can be found in mountainous mines in Himalayan region.
What to buy as a gift if you are visiting Far East?

We recommend buying a tea of course. Most convenient is Pu-erh tea, which traditionally is sold in solid bricks or „nests” sheng and it is very easy to transport overseas, or even can be mailed to your home in local post office. Other teas are also good, but may be more fragile and susceptible to temperature or moisture, which isn’t very good for tea. Remember, that if you are planning in sendin it to UK, then your gift will be travelling in mail even few weeks. So chinese gift like bracelet charm Aliexpress. might be other option.

There are plenty of various artifacts which you can stumble upon your journeys in Asia, and almost all of them will be great. Whether you will buy traditional jewelry, buddhist prayer flags or tibetan malas, it would surely be a great gift, especially for your friends interested in these matters. Just watch for the price, because especially if you are buying in hot tourist spots you will most likely pay as much as twice more, opposed to other shops. But anyway, gifts such as Aliexpress figurines aren’t expensive, so you will surely find many opportunities to bring home great gifts.

Oriental decorations and home decor straight from Asia. See the impressive oriental art in the form of ink painting performed with traditional methods on rice paper and silk in the form of scrolls and paintings. Although the Far East is not uniform, the art of China, Korea and Japan is characterized by common perfectionism, passion for the elusive emotions and details creating a unique and universally appreciated beauty.

Five thousand years of experience of Chinese painting, Aliexpress tapestries and calligraphy results in outstanding beauty, harmony and a feeling of oneness with nature which you can also find in yourself. Check out our gallery and see the Chinese works of art, that will enrich your living space. You will also find a completely modern design, including decorative motifs, i.e. wall decals with Asian motifs such as Sakura, which is a cherry blossom flower, Chinese dragons or cranes – a symbol of wealth and happiness. Create a unique atmosphere of the Far East in your home and search for thousands of interesting products from Aliexpress.