Rise and shine: Healthy products from Aliexpress

Is it possible to quit smoking the easy way? Definitely not, it’s always a painstaking thing do, especially if you are doing this for years. Many people just can’t stop, until they develop serious medical condition, after which they regret countless hours with their favorite brand, which is Aliexpress.

However, there’s one thing which could really help with this bad habit, and it’s a natural way to do: drink awesome, refreshing and very healthy drink, known for centuries in Asia. It’s green tea, natural plant with chinese origins, which nowadays is one of the most popular drink, consumed on every continent.

So how tea could help you stop smoking, regain clean lungs and start smiling with white teeth? It’s because of it’s numerous properties contributing to mental physical balance which helps to kick the bad habit. Let us list most important of them.

Green tea helps to improve the overall health and condition, and its beneficial properties make us healthier and more active. It can give us adequate energy boost and motivation, needed to quit smoking. And this is because the beverage contains substances such as catechins, teine (which has similar properties as caffeine, but it doesn’t give you weary feeling afterwards and isn’t addicting) and vitamins. This natural boosters will give you necessary willpower do anything you want! They are like natural drugs, which would help you feel better, run faster and thik smarter. Especially powdered green tea – japanese matcha is rich with this natural stimulants. Afte taking just a few sips from this powerful concoction you will feel refreshed, strong and ready to overcome all obstacles.  In addition to  these great properties, drinking tea will make you more healthy and will improve your immunity.

It’s no secret that the ancient Chinese people have known about this for a long time, which is why they consider tea for the imperial drink. Now you can feel just the same as they are and try the essence of healthy lifestyle – glorious kitchen decorations Aliexpress.

For thousands of years the tea was considered in East Asia to be a drink which is the key to good health, wisdom and happiness. Tea also caught the attention of many researchers, who discovered a number of substances having beneficial effect on the body and mind. Studies have shown that tea can help the treatment of many diseases: cancer, heart disease, diabetes. It could also burn fat and lower cholesterol which is necessary in treatment of heart diseases. Tea has also well known antibacterial properties. There is a consensus in medical circles to the fact that tea is healthy.

There are many types of tea, of which the most popular are black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong and pu-erh. All teas contain flavonoids, which are antioxidants. All teas also contains caffeine which have a positive effect on the brain.

Here are the results of research on the benefits of drinking different types of tea:

Green tea: Has high concentration of the EGCG antioxidant and it may prevent cancer of the bladder, breast, stomach and intestines, prevents from clogging of arteries, burns fat and reduce the feeling of stress and factors of neurological diseases. It’s easy to plant in in Aliexpress garden pot, so you can grow it anywhere.

Black tea: Made of highly fermented leaves, have the highest levels of caffeine and are commonly drunk in the West. Typical English afternoon tea is the black tea. Studies show that black tea may help prevent lung cancer caused by smoking cigarettes. It may also reduce the risk of heart attack.

White tea: One of the studies indicated that of all kinds of tea, it has the strongest anticancerous properties.

Oolong tea: In an animal study, oolong tea reduced the levels of bad cholesterol. Da Hong Pao, one of the best of oolong tea is also advertised in the United States as a dietary slimming supplement because of its fat-burning and make up remover Aliexpress properties. These wipes are really handy cosmetics to get in your bag and use everyday.

Pu-Erh tea or red tea: Made from fermented leaves. Pu-Erh tea is like wine – the older, the better, because in fermentation process Pu-erh receive additional antioxidants and unique aroma. Currently, the oldest available Pu-Erh tea come from the collections of the 1960s and are extremely valuable. Pu-erh tea is a traditional tea consumed in China, where it is produced mostly in the form of compressed „nests” (tuo). Pu-Erh tea is stimulating and accelerating fat burning and very rich in antioxidants, thus rejuvenating body.