Is Taimanin Asagi worth watching?

Continuing my last post, here’s another review from the series of excellent games by Canadian developer Nutaku. We still remain in the adult RPG realm. After playing a thread with Goemon, I decided to move away for a while from the older gentlemen and take on our peer, Kuroyuki, who is also the youngest romance option in the game.

What is interesting so interesting that the charming amber-oki boy is our… Brother. Admittedly not born, but always. In addition, from a small one he was a type of frivolous, who first made all the pranks, and after the reprieve he cried in the corner like the last labyrinth. Nevertheless, our shared childhood was a period full of carefree and fun… until only eight-year-old Kuroyuki was sent on his first mission. We meet him again only eight years later when he joins us on his way to Kyo. Seemingly, the boy has not changed at all and is still a joyful ray who would be able to fill with optimism even the most gloomy day. It resembles an open book from which you can read all his emotions. With him, we realize very quickly that he cares about us in some way. Moreover, this is confirmed in freeing us from the dungeon, in which we are closed immediately after the murder of the ruler Hideyoshi. Kuroyuki does not play in delicacy and pours a bucket of extremely cold water on our head, explaining to us exactly the situation we found ourselves in, and betraying us the orders of a father who not only renounces us, but also orders us to kill us. The only person we can count on is Kuroyuki, who opposed the clan leader’s recommendations and decided to protect us for the price of our own lives. Why? Because he loves us. It’s so obvious.

Is Taimanin Asagi worth watching?

The first thing that catches the eye is the huge difference between Chojiro’s character from the beginning and end of history. Of course, people are changing, especially under the influence of difficult events, only here suffers terribly from this romance, because the stage of relationship building is omitted. Even if the characters feel something to each other from the beginning of history, it doesn’t mean that after confessing our feelings, we’ll witness “I have lived long and happily.” Here it is so that for half of the story we have no contact with the chosen man, and then suddenly everything explodes, there are animals, cries and snags up his sleeve. And if you’re talking about Taimanin Asagi hentai, in terms of being a warm noodle, Chojiro beats only Kuroyuki. A guy who has not allowed himself to have feelings all his life, suddenly begins to speak completely freely about them and tear out tearful stories about the difficult way of shinobi. In addition, he is an emotional – he would not confess to heroin love if it were not for Goemon (gentlemen know each other from the past), who – as Goemon is – first trying hard to conquer us, and after a terrible failure decides and so make us happy. What’s important, besides great story and artwork, this adult game based on anime has some pretty good card driven battles that are extremely playable.

taimanin asagi hentai

There are all kinds of supernatural creatures in Taimanin Asagi, so you can imagine it’s pretty rough hentai

So he realizes Chojiro that she is a swather and a twig, and that he has to take matters into his own hands. Hanzo also plays an important role in this story for our would-be husband, for whom he is taken by the tavern owner. In general, during the game, I sometimes wanted to escape from Chojiro to one of these two gentlemen, because I was unable to endure this smear. I also don’t like his failure. Throughout the story, he does not refer to these matters at all, after which at the end of the people suddenly can not remove his paws from us. He would have behaved like a gentleman and gave us some flower before, well what a couple.

Only that… not, or at least not quite. Kuroyuki is yandere. If you read reviews of other titles I’ve played, you probably know that I have a weakness for this type of character, but unfortunately rarely which one is well written. My ideal is ninja girl or Kunoichi from “Taimanin Asagi, whose psychopath develops only in a bad ending. I also really like the thread of Volume from the game “Amnesia: Memories”, because although it is extremely creepy, it contrasts perfectly with the person of the young man, who is the epitome of tenderness and care. And it is clear that the creators of “Nightshade” decided to go with Kuroyuki in this direction, only Kuro has no advantages of Tom at all. Seriously – Tom was an interesting personality, which the player wanted to trust despite fear and wanted to be close to her. In Kuro’s case, we are dealing with an immature teenager who is obsessed with possession and is willing to kill anyone who would like to touch his beloved at least – including his own brother. Besides, he is a barrel and not constant in selfish feelings, lies, uses, still only yells, cries or wants to be willing – of course somewhere at the end of the story changes, but it resembles another crying episode in the style of “Sorry, I did not want. Become my wife”. I don’t want you to understand me badly – his story is interesting, strong and well written, and in the thread itself it is worth playing even because he explains who hideyoshi’s actual killer is. However, this does not change the fact that I do not see any advantages – I can sympathize with the trauma of childhood, but as a guy he is burned to me and it is not only because of the young age.

I know that there are lovers of this character among you, so write me what you see in it, because I have only a big black mess in front of my eyes, which I really want to like, but I can not. so far, I’ve been insanely praised “Nightshade”, but in this thread they just overdid and I’m afraid I won’t miss the young holder of the most powerful ninjutsu in the game.