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“Let’s talk about the revolution”, “democracy” and “freedom” are titles the last three blog entries Han Han. A popular blogger and writer reveals them explicitly his opinion on the most sensitive topics in China. There would de be nothing surprising in this, in the end, is known for its sharp and controversial statements, but this time negatively surprised their fans. His views are not fully consistent with what customarily attributed to living running awry. Got a praise from the mouth the editor of Global Times, a newspaper more party than China Daily, and a reprimand from Ai Weiwei, in the eyes of the Han Han “voluntarily surrendered” and bought phone in China.

Here’s a translation of the first of the cheap jerseys controversial entries, so that by wholesale jerseys the Chinese media and internet currently sweeping hot discussion on exotic ibid topics-revolution, democracy and freedom.

The last time I looked at a lot of previously asked me questions, often appear in words – revolution and reform. Usually journalists love to not ask, but Incident end up only a single hearing questions and answers, which then disappear in the publication. No matter what answer I give, and so eighty percent of them does not appear in print. But in the first, written during the winter solstice, the text I will answer readers ‘ questions and to present its views on the revolution. I have collected here questions asked by readers, as well as by local and foreign media.

Question: Last in China often comes to the “mass instances”. Do you think that China need a revolution?

Answer: in countries with a complex social structure, especially when it comes to oriental countries, with the revolution for sure many would benefit from the most cruel units.

To be honest, the revolution is the word that sounds fresh, exciting and evokes an association with immediate effects, but the 学術研究者向け高品質書き起しサービス revolution is not necessarily a good thing for China and their phones. First, it starts with a request, usually it has a relationship with the fight against corruption. But such password there is no chance for a long life. Freedom or justice – there is no County requirement on them, because certain groups, artists or people of the media, most people from the street when asked whether he feels free, confirms that this is the case. Asked whether they want justice, they respond that if its absence does not affect them personally, they don’t care. Most people are not met with the unjust treatment, so it is hard to motivate them to seek freedom or justice for others. In China it is hard to find such collective request.

This is not a question-you need or unnecessary, or possible or impossible. In my opinion, the revolution in China or not is needed, or is not possible. But if you ask me, did China need fundamental reforms, I will answer, Yes, certainly.

Question: Why do not you will become at the forefront of the creation?

Answer: Free jokes! Even if I supported the revolution and in the Shanghai wybuchłoby as big rise, authorities would be sufficient to block internet and and cell and then you don’t have to even pick wholesale mlb jerseys up a force of order. An angry mob, cut off from chat rooms on QQ, online games or serials, is enough to sweep away debris us from the face of the Earth.

Question: does this mean that China does not need democracy or freedom?

Answer: it’s a misunderstanding. Intellectuals often involve these two no idea with each other, while for ordinary Chinese democracy is a Alibaba-line result of the lack of freedom. In the eyes of most of the freedom is not related to publications, news, literature, statements or 10 Governments, but receive it as freedom from the warrants of public morality and ethics, for example. those without connections can make noise, in unauthorized places by streets or spit; you with better connections will be free to break the prohibition, do not comply with rules and standards, to look for holes and in wickets in the law, do what pleases them. Therefore, only when a good democracy will result in social progress and the further strengthening of the law, many Chinese who have not felt the lack of freedom in the culture, will feel uncomfortable, as when you travel to Europe or the States. Therefore, I believe that it is not allowed to combine democracy and freedom. The Chinese have their specific and unique understanding of freedom and this is us just support or more slogans.