My favorite adult game review

The game takes on a fairly extraordinary student of a renowned high school. You will ask: why not average? does it have any unique powers? was dazzlingly beautiful or wise? None of these things. Our protagonist stands out… high height (over 170 cm in Japan is not overflows!) and not very attractive face, on which constantguests bored or inflated grimama. In addition, she is a lazy introvert who has no friends and does not intend to have them at all. There is also no special passion or dreams – she is simply boring and uninteresting to pain. Often in life it is so that, as we desire only holy peace, fate tries hard to disrupt it and is no different for our protagonist.

Adult game review

One day during lunch, he is a random witness to a scene in which a handsome blonde (in addition to a tall American!) gives a basket of a charming girl. And here’s my favorite part of my favorite adult games.  The Protagonist is going to quietly retreat, but then it is her world that is turned upside down – blonde(called Mikim) shouts that the poor man is his muse and decides to hug her at all costs. After all (it should be added that after a long escape from amanta’s long arms) he succeeds and it is not known what would have happened if this romantic scene had not interrupted Saito. Saito, who is a little equivalent to Kastiela with “Sweet Flirt”, only such a hundred times more rude and bucowatym. Nevertheless, he throws to the rescue and pulls away from us delighted with our gaijin’s growth, while explaining that Miki is not at all a rapist and being from a foreign planet, but an amateur designer who moved to Japan in search of inspiration for creation of clothes. And once we want to breathe a sigh of relief, we learn that we are his muse and we have unimaginable bad luck, because the stubborn Michael Kors version of No Name intends to make us a model.The further story is mainly about our attempts to resist Miki’s ambitious plans. It’s not easy – not just because we’re not used to demand anything from each other, but also because we suffer from many complexes. It is also impossible to help the fact that when classmates suddenly begin to see us in the company of two incredibly handsome boys, they decide to give vent to their envy. So the whole story focuses on us finally believing in ourselves, by the way, learning the secrets of the fashion world and with reciprocity in love with one of our hunks.

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I will honestly admit that at the beginning of the game, the most common thought of my head was: “It’s weak. It’s not funny. What am I playing at all?”, but over time it was better – enough that I do not recall that i was so laughed at another game. The lyrics in “Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome” are the absolute world championship. This is largely due to a great translation into English, and from my own experience I know what it is heavy and how great it requires to feel. This game is a good comedy, but to be able to appreciate it, you need to have a slightly crazy and absurd sense of humor, as well as a long distance to the content you’re moving in. On the one hand, this combination of honey and pepper is very characterful, and on the other hand I have the impression that the creators have not fully thought about what they convey between the lines of values. It is not surprising that many women suffer from complexes because of appearance (mainly weight), and naming – slim after all! – The heroine of the game fat pig and the claim that it is the responsibility of every woman to be beautiful and counting calories, however, is a blow slightly below the belt (that’s the main reason Why I never liked Shina from “Amnesia”). I think a lot of otome lovers like in these games just because they can experience a somewhat depersonalized love adventure in which a girl can feel that she is accepted as she is, and loved absolutely unconditionally. In “Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome” this is not the same, so I would rather not rely on this title to girls who struggle with complexes and low self-esteem.

Here probably some of you will ask: ok, but what about this content for adults? Well, this content is and I have to admit that the 18+ designation is not given for growth here. Although the Steam version is without a sharper “scenes”, you can download a special patch free of charge, which shows a bit (or even more). It should be added that erotica in the game is quite pleasant and you can see that sex scenes were designed by a person with the right sense in the topic, so here I have nothing to attach to. However, this does not change the fact that the whole thing is intended for a mature recipient – perhaps I will even devote a separate entry to this topic.

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Adult games are fun – though not for everyone

The last issue I would like to address is the audiovisual luminaire. I will honestly admit that the game did not hit my tastes in any of these respects: the illustrations hold a very uneven level, the design of the character is such himself (especially facial expressions), the characters do not move when speaking with their mouths (and for this price I would rather do this and in general the whole thing looks very average. A huge plus is very professional voice acting (although the voice of heroin was so annoying to me that I had to turn it off) – all the more professional that after all the actors also had to play sex scenes (for which I admire, because I in their place I would get such a powerful kitten that I would not be able to master it). The music is, but it doesn’t fall into my ear at all, and I’ve got the impression that I’ve heard it in a game.

In conclusion, my favorite adult game is an interesting title, but definitely not for everyone. In the next entries I will try to bring you closer to the characters of both our charming gentlemen. I hope this will help you decide to buy this title.