Han Han on China and foreig countries

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Each revolution takes time, China is so huge country, pogrążyłby in chaos, wars of ORC warlords, political vacuum. After five years of confusion people have for the dictator of the iron fist, which would be able to bring social order and normalize the situation. It really does make a small delta of, or from the movement of “Let a hundred flowers bloom,” we’ll come back to read the people’s Daily. What’s more, all our hypotheses involve nationalization of the army, because they are pure fantasy. Even if we are pessimistic, it’s probably better not to do the revolution.

Question: Is Aliexpress safe, and we can now buy things online in China?

Answer: China were ruled decades by dictators, they have a few cities, one event has become a point of inflammation, one square on which the wyglaszano talk-the revolution had chances of success. In China there is no one specific person, which could be the goal of the revolution. We have a lot of cities and large population, all types of disasters have already occurred, the sensitivity of humans has blunted, not even talking about the point of inflammation. Even if social conflicts  tenfold, and ten Havli would plead in ten cities and even if authorities do not zainterweniowałby all of these speech he would have been in the Opera Haidian as speech sponsored by candy companies wetting his throat. Of course, these are all nonsense. The crux of the problem is such that the majority of Chinese people have in the nose of the lives of others, are beginning to clamor only when misfortune fall upon their own head, never manage to unite them.

Question: your views resemble the attitude of members of the party Five Mao  or Government you bribed? Why can’t we choose our leaders in one man-one vote?

Answer: in our world, where everything is Yes or no, where is either white or black, or good or bad, or you are a traitor to the pro-Western, or pięciomaowcem, the word revolution sounds very hard, but implemented can bring even more problems. Many people think that China need direct elections, while today this is not the most urgent issue. On the contrary, if you make such choices is the title will be Communist, because who else has more money? Fifty billion yuan is enough for five hundred million votes, if this proves to be insufficient, then draw the five hundred billion. Annually recover trillions of taxes, you and your family, it seems that you have money? You think that your friends, honest and independent people should get a few hundred thousand votes. Will be lucky if they get though a hundred thousand. The only man that can compete with the party is Has pane pop up because he can Huateng when you log on to QQ and proclaim: If you vote for on the Huatenga, you will get 500 QQ Yuan. Would be able to get and two hundred million votes, but the problem lies in the fact that he certainly would be a member of the party. Democracy is a complex, difficult and unavoidable social process, which shall not be simple to has as revolution, widespread elections, multi-party system, the overthrow. If you have never przejmowałeś to the legal system or publishing, is why you celebrate the universal suffrage? Probably because of this easier to talk. Are the same as the people who mention racing mention the only Formula 1 and football about the World Cup.

Question: I believe that the revolution and democracy in China is only a matter of time. What do you think when the time comes that moment?

Answer: the revolution and democracy are two separate words. They mean something else entirely. The revolution is not necessarily brings with it democracy, is it not experienced this long ago? History once gave China the chance to, our current situation is a result of the selection of our ancestors. China is the last country in the world that can happen and the first revolution that needs reform. If you insist on asking, what will be the best moment for a revolution in China, I can answer – when the Chinese driver during overtaking will be off-beam, then we can safely start a revolution.

But in this country the revolution is no longer needed, if the level of culture and education of citizens reaches this level, everything starts to happen in a natural way. Perhaps you yourself see momentous change in China, and perhaps to death you will be stuck in the same loop. But no matter what happens, remember well, when you other cars, turn off the lights, so our children before they reach what our ancestors fought.