Stylish cosmetics bags from Aliexpress

Continuing my last post, here are a few recommendations of stylish cosmetics bags from Aliexpress.

Today i will be reviewing a face pack from Tatha, and it is a special mask for oily, acne and blemished skin. It was sent to me when i was having a bad outburst of acne a couple of months ago. I used it throughout and now is the best time to review it.

This mask is highly recommended for acne & adds glow to the skin.The mask is a good blood purifier & helps rid of toxins and improving circulation.

The face pack is housed inside a heavy glass tub which is navy blue in color. The glass container makes it fragile and more prone to breaking (ofcourse !!), and once you unscrew the cover, you’ll find this plastic lid guarding the main mouth of the tub, sadly there’s no stopper or what we call “sifter jar”. The packaging has both the advantages and disadvantages, depends on how you are comfortable with it. On the neck of the tub, a small note is tied which has all the following information. This fits well into my cosmetics bags Aliexpress.

Also on the bottom of the tub, you’ll find a sticker having all the details (in case you miss the small note hanging to the neck). The face pack is in dry form, and is very coarsely ground, in fact i dislike the mixture since its coarse and lacks the binding agent, i.e. when you try to make a paste of the pack using water, you’ll end up with a mixture that isn’t “consistent” in terms of spreading, which obviously makes it less easy to spread on face, and because of that it keeps falling off the face. I used this with water, as opposed to the directions, because i cant use yogurt on face, but still. Also in the ingredients list it mentions that it has all other ingredients except for the “fullers earth” , therefore my little advice is, it would be easy to use this face pack if they add some binding agent to the formula just like fullers earth.

Since the mixtures is unstable, its difficult to make it spread stick to the face, and even if i try it  keeps falling off from the face, and that leads to inefficiency of the product cause i can’t use it properly. I really wish they make the mixture a bit more stable by adding something that helps combine the different textures and stick together as one. Its not even about adding more water, because it separates the contents then, making it watery and not at all easy to apply. Although i tried adding this dry pack to other clay based masks, and then it was easy to use it (obviously ! ). There are also much more other cosmetics bags from Aliexpress, and be sure to check Aliexpress shampoos too, as they’re definitely different than your usual

I really wish they improve the texture of the face pack, since that puts it off and makes it difficult to use. The proportions of ingredients here is faulty that leads me to say that i was disappointed with the product, although this can be given a benefit of doubt. So what will you pick, bags or shampoo? Why not both? Let me know in comments!