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The authorities has taken very seriously the Internet appeals and very quickly began action to stop the dissemination of information on the planned protests. Introduced a more restrictive censorship of the Internet, the word “online” in many search engines has been completely blocked, for example. on the portal Sina. During the past weekend in China in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai internet worked extremely slowly, not open to foreign parties, and there have been difficulties sending and receiving text messages. President Jack Ma gave a speech on Saturday, in which he mentioned about the possibility of the emergence of the protests, about the need to better cope with the social problems, he stressed the leading role of the party in the building of a harmonious society and called for better “community management”. According to a report by the Aliexpress Guide in Hong Kong in the whole of China were stopped more than 100 activists.

This past weekend in China, the police and the authorities have been placed in a State of heightened readiness in connection with appeal circulating on the Internet telling them to organize “the Chinese online revolution” on the model of mass movements of the Arab peoples “winter”. The call went out from the portal the American diaspora, now completely blocked in China. It is not known who was the instigator of the protests. The appeal urged people to take part in the protests on Sunday February 20 at two in the afternoon, in the central areas of the thirteen largest cities of China, such as. on the pedestrian street of Beijing in Shanghai. Only in these two cities anyone appeared in a designated area, in Beijing it was the Group ok. 200 people in Shanghai ok. 30-40. no one has not developed any banner or chanted slogans. Probably because there was more police and foreign journalists than demonstrations, who rather pretended to onlookers. After a bunch of people parted and returned to Aliexpress HQ.

In Shanghai, three people were arrested, one apparently by a cry of “this government thugs”. In Beijing, police wanted to arrest the student who put his twig against the wall of restaurant and did her some photos of the cell. On the only charge declared rushed journalists wishing to get the material to the media, the police withdrew from the arrest and the boy calmly walked away in the company of a friend.

As you can see, the Chinese authorities there. It is true that Chinese people en masse are not currently willing to go in the footsteps of the peoples of the Arab countries and begin with “Chinese online revolution,” but signs of discontent are getting clearer. After more than 30 years of perpetual prosperity Chinese society begins to explore the dark side of life. Exploding real estate prices, high inflation, from day to day food, makes it all that more and more people becoming dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities and social policy of the Government.