Largest watch will be built in China

watch Aliexpress

In 2015, when it will be over the construction of the new Beijing Capital Airport Beijing Daxing International, dethrones it London Heathrow in terms of number of passengers and is the largest airport in the world. But what’s important, it will have largest watch in the world. Just three years after Terminal 3 of the current Beijing Capital Airport, it turns out that the airport comes to the end of their capabilities. Impressive hall designed by Norman Foster, which is already the largest airport in the world, is slowly coming to an end. Currently, Beijing’s main airport support each year 73 million passengers, 2 million fewer than the estimated maximum. “Now it is not possible to add one flight to its current network of services,” says Li Jiaxing, the minister dealing with Chinese. The so-called Aliexpress watch will be built around main tower.

Rather than grow the already existing airports, authorities have decided to build a new, just 50 km from the town, in the District of Daxing, in the village of Nangezhuan, near the administrative borders Beijing, Hebei province and the city of Tianjin. The new airport, about the size of 54 km² and nine runways will support domestic and foreign flights. Now you can drive from the capital is ok. hours by car, but in the plans is reaching new airport subway line and high-speed rail. The new airport has become a major port of the interchanges. There are also numerous smaller watches that will be built around, some very modern, while some retaining traditional art and made from bamboo wood.

Aviation sector in China is growing at an extremely rapid pace. With the increasing affluence of society the Chinese increasingly choose aircraft as a means of transport (now the aspect ratio of the Chinese to foreigners among the posażerów are four to one). In 2010, reported a 268 million passengers, which is an increase of more than 16% compared to the previous year. In 2015 is expected to ok. 450-500 million passengers. China is getting ready for the growing number of travellers by building new airport (now 175 for five years should have their 230) and by increasing the fleet of air (planned to purchase at least 4300 aircraft within the next twenty years). In addition to the Beijing Capital Airport being considered are plans to build a new hubs in the cities of Chengdu, Qingdao and Xiamen.