Korean cosmetics from Aliexpress

Hi all !!
Today i will be reviewing a lipstick by korean brand Gosh, and the shade that i have is perfect for Winter season, as well as for girls who like dark red based burgundy shades. The lipstick i have is from the Velvet Touch range, and is extremely light and glossy, to know more about it read the rest of the article..

Claims :-
GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick gives an intense and long-lasting colour to the lips due to a high concentration of colour pigments.

This amazing creamy lipstick contains light reflecting pigments which gives the lips a bright and shiny look.
The colour pay-off is fantastic and it stays put on the lips for hours and hours. GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick contains vitamin-E which protects against free radicals and vegetable oils for extra care and protection of the lips.

The packaging is matte black case, and kind of attracts dirt, but i usually keep all my lipsticks in a small container, and don’t carry them along often. The packaging can seem boring to some, for me its fine since its sturdy. At bottom you can find the shade name and no., unfortunately i don’t know if these lipsticks originally come in any box or not, i received it like this only (perhaps i think it had a plastic sheath around it, not sure). The cap fits in properly, and will not loosen up. So this Korean cosmetic from Aliexpress is a really good gift for any girl.

The formula is extremely light and glossy, it almost melts in when i apply the lipstick. There’s no pulling or tugging required, and 2 swipes will give enough intensity, whereas 1 swipe might help you to have a sheer look. However, i sometimes do feel that it can settle into the fine lines (alert !! girls with extreme dry lips should scrub their lips, apply a balm and then use it). The other thing is, that if i apply it more than twice, the formula tends to transfer (teeth, cup of tea and what not) so if you’re not happy with the intensity of color you get in 2 layers, its better to blot and reapply again to get a better color pay off. For me 2 swipes cover all my lip pigmentation entirely. On fair girls it might look more red.

In above image i’ve swatched the lipstick once on my arm, and you can see its sheer but definitely buildable. Whereas on my lips, i’ve used 2 layers. Today i used this lipstick at around 1pm, had my lunch, took a nap, and the lipstick is still there, although the glossiness is not the same, but the remains don’t look like a stain, all in all it survived for 5hrs straight and even lunch.

This shade is perfect for girls who are into reds, especially if you’re looking for a shade that can be used in the winter season. However this has to be purchased from strawberrynet website (out of stock as of now).

I’m kind of impressed with the batch of lipsticks i bought from the website, i have already reviewed Benefit Lipstick (which btw is missing since i went out of station ), Kanebo Lipstick . As far as this lipstick is concerned, the only thing i don’t like is that it transfers a lot if layered more, but otherwise it stays and survives straight 4-5hrs. This is definitely one of my best buys from Aliexpress, when it comes to cosmetics!

• Intense and long-lasting colour
• Fantastic shiny look
• Extra care and protection of your lips
• Creamy consistency
• Easy to apply

Good tip: For an even more lasting application, use Lip Primer before applying.