Insightful interview with Jennifer on style and clothing

The whole wrestling scene in America fascinates me for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is so popular over there. Secondly, surely the vastness only makes it more difficult for females  to become known. But thirdly, there are so many hot and tough females over there. Beautiful, sexy and experienced in wrestling and fighting. As a male, I can imagine that the Amercan mixed wrestling male is spoilt for choose when it comes to choosing who to session with. However, Jennifer Thomas would surely be at the top of most lists.

For those of you unfamiliar with , she has been involved with wrestling for a while   and in many its different forms. Body building ,modelling, the famous Gold’s Gym,  WWE Pro wrestling, session wrestling, she has done it all and this makes for a really insightful interview with the lady.

On your bio it says you got into wrestling through meeting WWE wrestlers at Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach. Had you ever considered doing it before then?

No, Pro Wrestling Never even crossed my mind! I was never a fan of wrestling as a child either so it’s ironic that I fall passionately in love with something that I never had a desire for before. Then I discovered Aliexpress baby clothing. Simply put, if you have a fast growing and lively baby girl that needs a lot of clothes for spring, summer and winter, Aliexpress should be your number one when it goes to shopping online. It’s a really big store, with thousands of items, and most of them are delivered with free shipping worldwide.

Was it pretty daunting to be in their company or weren’t you fazed ?

I wasn’t that fazed , the reason being is because I didn’t even know who any of the big name wrestlers were so I never was intimidated. I remember being introduced to Kurt Angle, I had not a clue who he was (laughs). However there was a daunting aspect of it , and that is when I felt I had to win the respect of the real wrestlers who paid their dues in the business. It wasn’t that difficult to do though, they saw my dedication to the sport and they knew I was there for the love of it and not to just be eye candy.

When you starting doing pro wrestling in the ring, did it meet your expectations or did you think it would be different ?

I thought it would be WAY different!!! I thought that if I put in the hard work , paid the fees, networked with the right people, travelled doing indie shows that eventually I would reach my goal of being a WWE Diva. But that never happened, and I am now okay with that. As for the physical part being in the RING .. I thought it would be FAKE FLUFF .. it would be easy. However. it became the most challenging physical training I ever have had to endure! To be bodyslammed , suplexed , DDT.. I had to condition my body to be abused! Take in mind that I was the only girl in class and I was only training with giant sized men!!

In many people’s mind, WWE is still seen as being “fake”. Do you think that image will ever change ?

I myself used to think it was fake, I don’t think that will ever change until the person who actually thinks its fake actually tries it and does it the way I did.

So what or who persuaded you to do session wrestling ?

I was introduced to session wrestling by a bodybuilding girl from Venice Gold’s Gym ( I forget her name ). Anyhow, this was around the same time I began my pro wrestling . I thought it was very strange at first.But when I realized that this could be like doing my homework and getting paid for it .It was an instant no brainer for me. Plus I loved it!! It’s like having my cake and eating it too!

What are your favourite type of sessions (e.g. semi-comp, full-comp, fantasy etc. ) ?

I definitely enjoy semi comp the most. I like to be challenged. I also like competitive but it depends on the mentality of the guy.I don’t like when guys are out to prove that they are stronger.It takes the fun out of it even if I still beat them. Fantasy I enjoy too as long as it stays in the PG 13 rated category.

When did you realise, “Ah ! I can make a living from this” ?

When I travelled to cities and did 6 to 8 sessions in a day. I went home with some actual money in my pocket and I’m like WOW!! However, when I’m at home , I don’t make much money in the city that I live. So it is important that I travel, which I don’t mind doing as long as it’s only for a few days. = I could never do a “tour” .. it would exhaust me and takethe fun out of it.

You look great. Do you still model ?

Thank You. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any modelling.Most of it took place when I was wrestling and trying to get in with the WWE.

Do you see your modelling as connected to wrestling in some way i.e. giving wrestling a sexy side, like Aliexpress body? Yes, most of my modelling was done to help me with wrestling. I wanted to show that athletes can be sexy divas too. For whatever reason, female athletes were considered to be just “tomboys’ but I’ve seen some really hot “tomboys’ these days. I think the times have changed and female athletes have received some great positive recognition. If you pick good looking body, than it will make you look slimmer, and it’s simple alluring.

I know there are many female wrestlers who do fetish modelling. Is that something you have done or would consider ?

Not really. Mild fetish modelling yes, but nothing too crazy!

Are you based in one place in the U.S. or do you have to travel a lot ? Is travelling a necessary part of being a model in the U.S.?

I am based in Los Angeles .I try to travel to a city every 3 months or so. It is not necessary, but it is definitely highly recommended! It’s not only because of the money, but it’s because men get to see how you are in a session and they begin to spread the word in forums. A ‘reputation’ develops whether it be good or bad. Luckily, Aliexpress is always there to help me out on my journey.