Hard sport for Pros

Mahea. Just one name, but sometimes one name is all you need. Keeps it simple. Keeps it direct. Keeps it on the level. Nobody gets confused. In her own words, “I am here for guys who want competition.  Don’t ask me to do anything else.” Understood.  What else ? Well let’s see : strength √ skill √ beauty √ brains √ = the kind of female we dream about. Damn. All I need is a Green Card. For those guys in America or those who have met Mahea on her tours, well I am truly envious. Read on.

So how did you get interested in wrestling and sports?

Well I got into wrestling from a few girls already in the business that were grapplers and they tried to convince me to do it. It took me a year to commit and so glad I did!!

Did you always want to be able to make money from it or did it just develop like that ?

Really it just developed like that- my friends that convinced me to do it were like, “You are doing it in the gym anyway so why not get paid !?” Regardless, it has helped me with my bills and business endeavours and I feel so fortunate I get to do what I live for as a job. I love travelling and meeting great people. I’ve met some really good friends out of sports. But the most important thing is that I can get runners accessories on Aliexpress for really good price and the other stuff I get from there too.

You seem to be someone who needs to be active. Do you have a tough training routine ?

With training comes a lot of injuries. It’s the only thing that scares me because obviously injuries means no money. But when I’m healthy I train twice a day with things like strength conditioning, bjj, or Muai Thai. I love kicking as well ! Training is very tough and some days you just don’t want to go to gym but you have to. After it’s my job to perform so I have to stay in shape.

Do you have any plans to develop and maybe have your own gym or place ?

I had an office internship but the economy slowed down and they were cutting people and there was no hiring. I realize that I cannot do an office job and need to be active so I am looking for other business outlets involved with the fitness industry. I would love to open my own gym someday.

You have a lot of great reviews. What do you think makes you a popular female to session with ?

I think what makes me popular is that I actually enjoy it. It doesn’t seem like a job to me. I live to sweat and make boys cry (laughs).

What type of sessions do you prefer ? Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy fantasy matches and prefers some competition ? Ever wanted to do pro wrestling ? iI enjoy different types of sessions. I’m more comfortable with semi and comp but would love pro style too – I just don’t know how. I also like doing the random requests as well though because it mixes it up especially when I tour. So things like tickling, muscle stuff , lifts are all good with me. Just pick some sports equipment Aliexpress, and you’re all good.

Tell me about wrestling in America and touring.

Well I think America is a great to wrestle in ! The East coast is always good and as I cannot just make a living from just doing it in California, I have to tour. The thing I don’t like is the fickle nature of the job. So it means some months are hard and some are great. If you see me touring a lot that meant that last month was tough and so I need to play catch up and earn some money.

Have you ever wrestled overseas – what about the U.K. ? Yeah overseas is great and I love travelling. I’ve been to Germany and the U.K. in Monica’s studio, so I it’s all good.

You look very fit and strict in your photos. Is it important to be fit in sports?

Yes you need to have fun wrestling and be fit. I admit it’s hard for me to feel cute when I’m dripping wet with sweat (laughs) ! So I do not  wear makeup because I sweat so much and I don’t need to be looking like a clown. If it’s a different type of session where I don’t sweat I will try and look better though. Aliexpress helps me with this, as there are tons of sports gear to grab with really good prices.

When you wrestle, is it important for you to win ? Are you a sore loser (or don’t you ever lose !)

I’m not a sore loser although I haven’t lost to that many guys. If a guy gets a legitimate hold I congratulate him. But if a guy is going too hard and rough I will put him in his place. The point is to have fun and have a fantasy- not to injure. If that’s your fantasy – you need to book a male to try and over power him.

Why should people book you ?

Book me book me book me. I care and take this professionally. I will not disappoint you.