5 Facts about Chinese tea

Tea is most popular drink in the world. Not only it has great taste with thousands of various kinds which would suit anyone, but also is highly beneficial to both mind and body. It could help you enhance your abilities, be stronger and think smarter. Whether you are casual drinker or tea-fanatic you can find something to learn from this site. We are very happy to present our opinion and advice about our favorite beverage and herb.

There are many kinds of tea. In fact, there are thousand teas from all of the Asia, which is native continent for this plant. You will find here detailed description of various kinds and forms which are available on the market. It is very easy to got lost in countless blends and varieties, so everyone is needing some compass as how to choose most healthy and delicious products. So we will be covering most important “genres”, countries like China and Japan, tastes and blends and also forms. Tea can be produced as loose leaf, packed into bags, can be powdered or even can be pressed into bars – China-style. Nowadays we have many possibilities to try new tastes and in consequence – it is not easy to pick the favorite one. Read our guides and decide ourselves, whether your favorite has pure taste or you love something more fancy. You can find more about this on Polish mertea.pl site.

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular as more people read and chat about it not only on Internet, but also in magazines, newspapers, and on TV. It was even featured in Oprah Show. It’s popularity is attributed not only to great beneficial effects on health, but also it tastes terrific. Just one sip will give you nice and warm feeling, not comparable to other drinks. Read on how green tea can improve your being.

Helps burning fat

Yes, it is definitely one of the reasons why matcha -powdered green tea is demanded by everyone, especially by those who feel that they need to drop some pounds off their weight. It is very easy to gain weight nowadays with all this guilty pleasures, tasty food and sweetened drinks. Drinking green tea will greatly enhance fat burning, because it contains catechines and enzymes which accelerate metabolism and gives vast amount of energy, without addition of sugar.

It is great and natural dietary supplement, especially effective when you are exercising while on vacations. However, you will notice weight differences even without excersizing, when you replace sweetened drinks with natural unsweetened tea. It will lower sugar level in blood and prevent deposition of fat in body organs. It is especially important if you are having metabolic disease such as diabetes or just want to regain health. Another useful property is diminishing appetite. Regular tea drinking will lessen your food intake and you will not want to eat so much.

Brings you energy

You will notice how much energy you gain just after one cup of green tea. If you start drinking it regularly, you will feel better and stronger. The reason for this beneficial tea effect is high concentration of energy inducing trace minerals and enzymes. Most important of them is EGCG, contained especially in matcha.

Epigallocatechin gallate which is powerful anitoxidant, ingredient of many medications and natural drug used in reviving health and elevating immunity levels. There are many medical journals giving evidence of efficacy of the substance in the treatment of various diseases and recovering from fatigue. Moreover, since it is natural drug it has almost none negative effects so you can safely drink daily tea as you want. Japanese women known from their longevity drink as much as ten cups per day.